Home made hand sanitizer to protect you from Corona Virus

As you all know about novel corona Virus is scaring all of us around the globe. Hand-washing is the first step to protect your this virus. You need to have hand sanitizer to handy. Keep it in your pocket while traveling, have it in your kitchen, bathroom every time. There are many sanitizers available in market but they may have some ingredients which are harmful for health. Although you would have germs free hands buy you can not eat food if you use harmful chemical ingredient in your commercial sanitizer.
Prepare a DIY hand sanitizer which will kill germs, bacteria and virus as well as not hazardous for your health. You don't need to wash your hands before eating something.
I will not tell you benefits or theories about sanitizer to waste your time. As we all are educated enough to already know it. Lets move straight to the ingredients.


Ingredients for DIY hand sanitizer

Mix all ingredient into bowl with the help of spoon and pour it all into spray bottle through funnel. 
You can have all size of bottles ( small, medium, large)  to keep this sanitizer in pockets, Bathroom and Kitchen. 

What Foods to avoid to save you from Corona Virus

  • Salt  because it dehydrates your body
  • Wild animal meat
  • Under cooked meat and eggs

What Foods provide immunity against COVID-19 (cornoavirus)

  • Fish as it have omega 3 fatty acid help reduce inflammation
  • Water and electrolytes drink
  • Vitamin C ( orange, lemon, guava, grapefruit) avoid take it as cold . Extract juice and drink it warm. It will not affect your throat. 
  • Lozenge and throat strep
  • Herbal teas
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Leafy green foods
Do not believe in remedies which are shared on whatsap, or any other social media group . Do  proper research before applying any remedy. If you want to know what are myths about corona virus visit WHO page

how to protect form Coronavirus
Protect Yourself from Corona Virus